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Opposing Reflections - Photomontage Canvas Print - Fine Art Print Editions - Imagery Editions


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14" x 22" Wrapped Canvas Print on Strecher Bars

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Opposing Reflections is the reciprocal actions of attraction. The reflections from the clouds to the water in the small pond,the colors in each image, the two fences: plastic/wood, reflective/absorbing, man-created/nature grown, each image with its own reflections come together to create an elegant composition. These digital montages continue the theme and patterns in the Cycles of Attraction with the painted images and digital photography. The imagery in the series let's the mind play with different themes and memories in individual thoughts, and its always interesting to hear what a friend has to say about there similar experiences.

Opposing Reflections is an Imagery Edition certified Giclee Print sign by the artist. All rights reserved by the artist © Darren Names 2009



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